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"Even Napoleon had his Watergate." - Yogi Berra Everything you ever wanted to know about the Watergate scandal (but were afraid to ask!) In this light-hearted yet insightful tour through the Nixon White House, the Committee to Re-Elect the President, and the various investigative committees, you'll meet fascinating characters from Richard Nixon himself to such lieutenants as a G. Gordon Liddy and John Dean. You'll gain insights into the origin of the scandal, the motives of the players, and how the situation spiraled so badly out of control. Essays include * Watergate and Me, a personal view of the scandal * My Nixon Dream, by underground cartoonist Steve Stiles * Watergate Considered as an Org Chart of Semi-Precious Stones (Gordon Liddy's Operation GEMSTONE) * Duct and Other Tapes (the break-in) * Come Back to the Five and Dime Again, John Dean, John Dean (management of the cover-up) * Let's Go to the Tape, Johnny! (the White House tapes) * Saturday Night's Alright (for Firing) (the Saturday Night Massacre) * By Hook or By Crook (Nixon's "I am not a crook" news conference) * The Smoking Gun Goes Off (revelations from the tapes) * Mr. Jameson Goes to Washington (in which Spider-Man® becomes involved in Watergate) along with a Watergate Cast of Characters and Timeline! Illustrated with photographs, cartoons, diagrams, and political memorabilia, WATERGATE CONSIDERED AS AN ORG CHART OF SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES is a delightful addition to anyone's collection of political books. Watergate was never like this!

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